Thursday, 2 April 2015

Diane Calka Provides Top-Notch Pet Care Services

All the pets require exercise, stimulation and socialization. Diane Calka is an expert pet care professional who is this field for the long-haul and is committed towards addressing her clients needs and concerns. She leaves no stone unturned in making pets happy and healthy. She let them roam free, take the fresh air, and is concerned about the safety of pet in every case. She is also up-to-date on pet-care first aid as well as issues affecting business owners in their jurisdiction.

Diane Calka has been providing outstanding pet services in Stamford for more than 8 years. Whether there is a new kitty in the household or a heavy dog who is fighting with diabetes, Diane Calka has comprehensive knowledge and in-depth understanding about how to deal with every pet accordingly. She not only provide dog-walking but also additional services. She also meet and greet potential clients and their friends. She knows how to maintain cordial relations with the pet-owners.

Diane Calka also holds the experience of working as a Customer Service Representative at Bull's Head Pet Hospital from the year 2005 to 2007 where she was accountable for answering all incoming calls and coordinating appointments. She also gathered research and put together a business plan to start a day care program for the hospital. She completed intake paper work for new clients and updating files on regular basis.

When Diane Calka is not busy with caring for pets, she likes to ride her scooter, her bike. She is also fond of doing lots of art and crafts. She plays flute and spends long hours with her dogs at the beach, parks and dog parks. While taking her dog for a walk, she also exercise and does workout everyday, go for long walks. She also likes to hear bands.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Diane Calka Has 8 Years Of Extensive Pet Care Expertise

Diane Calka is a highly acknowledged pet sitter who is self employed and runs her own business called “ Your Pets My Passion”. She possesses 8 years of intensive pet care knowledge, and is well familiar with how these pets must be taken care. She has outstanding public relations skills, and is proficient in handling heavy administrative responsibilities. Diane has vast experience in working in different job settings, including doggie day camp, private, hospital, and retail. In addition to this, she has more than 10 years of working proficiency in a variety of supervising environments. She specializes in dogwalking, daycamp, petsitting, and pick up and drop off services.

Diane Calka studied at Stamford High School, after which she enrolled in Eastern CT State College and Norwalk Community College to receive her degrees in sociology and psychology. In 2005, she started working with Bandilane Canine Center as a Day Care Coordinator. It was her first job, where she delivered a plethora of  services effectively. She organized different types of training materials for all dog training orientations and classes. Despite of handling the daily operations of the front desk, she successfully helped with dog training classes as well as special events. She used to receive all incoming phone calls, arrange grooming appointments, private lessons along with registration for day camps. She worked with Bandilane Canine Center for 2 years and also handled additional services and items. 

In her social life, she supports many charitable causes, and is volunteered with many organizations that work for the welfare of animals, including SCATS and PAWS. When not busy with her business, she likes to ride her bike and scooter. She is very creative and likes to do various activities related to crafts and arts. Diane Calka is health conscious, as well and takes good care of her health.

Diane Calka From Connecticut Owns A Business -“ Your Pets My Passion”

Diane Calka based in Connecticut is well known for providing top notch pet services in Stamford for the past 8 years. She owns a pet sitting business and has also worked for many doggie daycamps. She has worked as a travel soccer administrator in Old Greenwich Riverside Community Center, Petsmart and for a vet. She has actively participated in many philanthropic activities, and has volunteered with SCATS and PAWS, which are both animal organizations. She graduated from Norwalk Community College as well as Eastern CT State College in sociology and psychology.

Since 2008, she has been looking after her business “Your Pets My Passion” and is committed to exceeding the expectations of her customers. Diane Calka from Connecticut exercises full responsibility for pet care and safety while coordinating dog walking and pet sitting schedules, as well. She analyzes developmental needs of her business and reviews financial statements for sale trends, productivity, and discrepancies together with financial goal achievements. She evaluates reports to find areas that require cost reduction together with sales marketing development. While looking after her business, she completes all paperwork, reconciles accounts, and collects fees.

Diane has also worked as a Client Service Representative for Petsmart company based in Stamford. She served the company for 3 years, where she utilized active listening skills to find staff as well as customer requirements and concerns. Diane Calka from Connecticut was responsible for answering a plethora of phone calls to address the queries of customers, and used to coordinate cat/dog boarding and doggie day camp schedules. She had fed, walked, groomed, and exercised pets staying at the pet hotel together with cleaning cages. She also used to monitor shrinkage and assist with additional duties that are requested by the manager of the company.